Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More farmers, more markets!

Summer is upon us and Fresh Start Farms producers are beginning to sell at more and more markets throughout Maine.  This past Saturday, Mohamed Abukar returned for his 3rd year at the Bath Farmers' Market, and Christine Pompeo and Santa John brought their beautiful lettuce and arugula to the Deering Oaks Market.  On Friday night, the wash station at the farm was bursting with eight different farmers and their families preparing for the biggest market day of the week.

Check out the photo series below of the irresistible produce shortly after harvest!

Produce fills the tables at our harvest station on Friday evening.

A close up view of the beautiful radishes, salad turnips and beets that herald the arrival of summer.

Salad mix and other fresh eating greens overflows their baskets.

Mohamed takes a brief moment to look up at the camera while washing lettuce for his first trip back to the Bath Farmers' Market.

Christine shows off her beautiful red butterhead lettuce, destined for the Deering Oaks market.

It's not just produce that fills the harvest station -- there's people everywhere!

The end result: Hawa sets up her farm stand in Saco in anticipation of a busy market day.


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  1. Yay!! So wonderful to see such beautiful, abundant, and delicious produce bound for tables around our community! Hats off to the Fresh Start Farmers.