Friday, June 15, 2012

It's a family affair!

Saturdays on the farm are full of more than just sprouts.

Before markets start up, many Fresh Start Farm farmers bring their whole families out to the farm on Saturdays, sometimes setting up their market tents at the edge of their fields to create shade for the youngest kids.  It's impossible not to feel transported to Africa right there in the Maine countryside, as oldest sons and daughters head into the fields to weed the crops, while the littlest children play at the edges of the field with an auntie close by.  Sometime in the midafternoon, everyone breaks to eat together, gathering around a common bowl in the shade.  At times like these, you can see how much this isn't just a business -- it's a way of life, and here in Lisbon, farmers have a chance to share it with the next generation.

In this picture, Hussein's wife and young children enjoy the fields in early summer.  His kids may not be getting too much work yet, but they are already learning the rhythms of the farm!

Customers are a vital link in making this story possible.  This time of year, a tremendous amount of work is being poured into the fields to grow the produce for markets and CSA.  Thank you, as always, for your support!

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