Thursday, May 1, 2014

“It Isn't Perfect but It Is Excellent”

Sarah M. reflects on a job well done
"It isn't perfect, but it is excellent"
The farm is buzzing with more and more activity each day!  Fields are tilled and compost has been spread.  Farmers are prepping beds and planting early crops.  The greenhouse is bursting at the seams with tall and vibrant seedlings of all types--many almost ready for planting.  

This year, Fresh Start Farms received a high tunnel through the NRCS high tunnel initiative and yesterday the crew had all hands on deck to cover the structure plastic.  To plastic the front, farm managers Sarah and Holly innovated a technique of attaching strapping to the wooden frame.  

Outreach coordinator Hussein impressed us with his balance and ease while juggling a power drill, screws, and boards atop a ladder as he fastened the strapping to the beams high above.  

“Is that plastic taut enough?”  Holly called up to him as he attached one of the first pieces.  Hussein drummed on the plastic “boom boom boom--it isn’t perfect..but it’s excellent”  he replied.  

We all agreed with his assessment, and this mantra seemed fitting for our project that day and for farming in general.  As farmers, we often experiment and innovate to make due with the materials and resources we have.  Things might not be perfect, but excellence is achievable and realistically, this the ultimate success!

Check back soon for updates on other excellent endeavors this growing season at Fresh Start Farms!

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