Monday, August 19, 2013

A Weekend at Farmers Markets

On Saturday morning, I had the pleasure of rising early and setting out to visit six different farmers who had already been up for hours, and were just putting the finishing touches on their displays as i walked up to say hello. The morning was stunning, with perfect light and just the slightest chill in the air. The displays were even more beautiful, carrots and radishes and bell peppers piled high. I left each market feeling in awe of each farmer in the program.

Sweet, crunchy carrots at John Yangas Portland Farmers Market Stand

Christines table cloth adds a personal touch to her display at the Portland Farmers Market

Fennel! This flavor can bring the most mundane of stir fries or fish dishes to a whole new level

Ground Cherries on the left, Tomatillos on the right. Ground Cherries are such a delicious suprise everytime you pull back the husk and pop one in your mouth! Tomatillos make great salsa verde to accompay tacos or enchilladas.

Jabril takes a moment to admire his display at the Saco Farmers Market

The sun shines through these bunching onions at Husseins Kennebunk Stand

French Breakfast Radishes and Kale at Jabrils Saco Market

Seynab piles her beets and carrots high at the Kennebunk Market!

Seynab greeted old friends and customers at the Kennebunk Farmers Market

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