Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Do vegetables inspire Community? We think so.

What  is missing from this beautiful farmstand picture?

          Why the farmer who grew it all, of course! At every farmstand, there is a least one customer who asks: "who grew all this?" It is with pride that the farmer responds: "I did!".

Yesterday, at our Wholefoods farmstand, two Bosnian women stopped by. We have seen them everyweek, at one farmstand or another, since we opened. They buy Swiss Chard that they will use it in a traditional Bosnian Dish called “Pita” where the chard is cooked into an egg, cream, and cheese base. More familliar faces stop by, CSA customers picking up their bags and regular customers, looking for their familliar kale fix, or scoping out some new additions piled up on cool and wet burlap.

The red and yellow stalked swiss chard with deep green leaves made an appearance alongside curly Wintorbor and Toscano Kale bunches.

Some brand new veggies graced our stand this week as well. Tender new potatoes, summer squash and zucchini, cucumbers, Indian basil, and beautiful fennel! We saw Bok Choi, beets and green Beans on Habiba Noors stand, and colorful heads of lettuce on both.    
In the heat yesterday, we were joking that the greens were "napping" since they began to wilt. Here is a wonderful tip for reviving greens that are "napping". Place them in a bowl of cold water for a while, or even overnight in the fridge. They will spring right back to life! Check out more tips in this blog post: Also, we have included some great recipe ideas for the veggies appearing on the stands and in your CSA shares, and dont forget about our resources right here on the blog, vegetable identification and recipes!

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