Friday, May 3, 2013

Land Openings

         Here, Mohamed surveys his first bed of the season. It becomes very important to make the first row straight, to set the tone for the entire organization of the coming summer. Making your first row straight is a chance to truly get off on the right foot.

         Opening of the land...there is such a ceremonial feel to this phrase, and there is usually a ceremonial feel to the actual day as well. The farmers from Somalia like to mark this day with a goat feast, a tradition carried over from their home countries. For all of the farmers, bringing food marks an occasion to take a break from the often grueling labor of tilling and making beds. Farmers often share a spot of shade and some nourishment. How can you be involved?
On Friday May 10th, we will be 'opening the land', at Turkey Hill Farm in Cape Elizabeth, where many of the Cultivating Community Youth Growers and two of the Fresh Start Farmers grow. We will be planting potatoes, opening beds, and preparing for summer.
Address: 120 Old Ocean House Rd. up the dirt road
Time: 2:30-6:30
Snacks provided. Wear old clothes and prepare to get your hands dirty!
We are happy to have you.

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