Monday, April 8, 2013

CSA Group Delivery

Are you part of an organization / office / church / yoga studio etc. that may be interested in signing up for a CSA as a group? 

Here are the perks: 

        As one person alone, we are very powerful. As a group of people, we are even more powerful. There are things we can do together, that we can never do alone. The office delivery aspect of our CSA program allows for an effective partnership between two groups of people who agree to mutually support each other. Although we love the office drop off possibility, everyone is encouraged to sign up either through a group delivery, or individually. 

Here is how it works:
  1. You let us know that your office, organization, church or group of friends is interested in learning more about the CSA.
  2. We offer information, either through materials, or informal Q and A sessions or lunchtime presentations. 
  3. You come together as a group and decide what types of shares you individually want.
  4. Eight or more people ready to sign up and you sign up!
  5. You get matched to a Fresh Start Farmer, who will be growing the food for your office all season long. 
  6. You then get a weekly delivery to your office or organization space, at the same time each week. All produce is grown on the acre or half acre farmed by the farmer you are matched with. 
  7. Take home your bag of fresh, local, organically grown vegetables:
  8. Prepare some wonderful dishes
  9. Serve them up
  10. Enjoy! knowing that you are making the absolute best choices for your body, your family and friends, your community and your planet. 


  1. do you have pricing information?

  2. Hi Renee,

    Pricing is 275 for a single share for the full season (July through October), and 140 for the half season (July through august, or August through October)

    For the family share, pricing is 550 for the full season, and 280 for the half season.

    Give us a call with any questions: 207-761-4769