Thursday, March 14, 2013


What's Happening Right Now:

photo by Amy Temple
 Things are beginning to come to life around here. SEEDS, SEEDS, SEEDS! The seed delivery is in (!!!), and the greenhouse is starting to see movement behind the filmy walls.    The soil is being packed tightly into open trays, and tiny little onion seeds are starting to take root. Seeds are being painstakingly sorted into groups, so that farmers can being to plan, plot and plant, always thinking ahead to the growing season, always imagining market days and CSA delivery days, so that each  week has the full diversity of the season, and the full potential of the land, the sun and the rain.
   Soon, every farmer will be at this stage (as seen above), though it still seems such a long way off with these snowflakes that insist on hanging around. Non-the-less, the ground is beginning to thaw, nothing can stop the inevitability of the seed coming to fruition..

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