Friday, November 2, 2012

The harvest is celebrated, the cover crop is planted....

      Two weeks ago we celebrated the end of our season, and what an amazing season to celebrate. It seems like you can breathe in the spring, when the land is being distributed, and then you can breathe again in the fall, when the cover crop is planted, yet in between is a whirlwind of breathless activity; planting weeding, loading trucks rushing to markets, packing CSA's and administering to the countless details of the farming season. And yet, as miraculous as it is, everything gets done, and perhaps more importantly, every season is more successful, more managable and memorable than the last. And even though this group of farmers and helpers and consumers have converged only recently from countries and continents far and wide, before you know it, you have community and shared lived experience.

We want to thank all of you who have supported us through this season and who have made this remarkable community possible.

We danced to show our happiness with the weather and the whole season.
Riding a hayride at the Harvest Festival on the beautiful farm

See you next year, happy winter!

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