Thursday, March 8, 2012

The journey of a million seeds.

A warm breeze woke up Southern Maine this morning, with the promise of Spring days ahead. Naturally, it lines right up with our biggest seed delivery to date - and brings big smiles to the faces of proud Fresh Start Farms growers who are ready and eager to dig right in to this season!

Today, farmers picked up a box of seeds with their name on it, full of all the varieties they hand picked to line their fields and feed our bellies. But there's more to the story than that.

"What came first, the plant or the seed?"

The seeds we hold in our hands are powerful bits of potential energy, with all the instructions they need to develop into full grown plants. Farmers are caretakers of this earth and carry these bits of wisdom like wind spreading them into the fields.

Inside each seed is where the magic happens. This is a cross section of a ginkgo tree, showing a well developed embryo, nutritive tissue, and a bit of the seed coat.

The seeds arrived from Johnny's (Winslow, Maine) in bags and boxes that filled our office. Nature's biggest mystery was wrapped up like tiny presents waiting to be opened.

Each box was separated into seed type and variety...

And placed into new boxes to deliver to each farmer. A process that literally took one entire week of sorting and resorting!

All stacked up and ready to get where they belong!

Soon the sun will start shining longer, the days will stay warm & the ground will wake up, and we'll get the new rains of Spring. This week we'll be starting seeds in the greenhouse, but it's only a short matter of time before we go out into the fields again.

Soon the plants will rise, the leaves will fill out and the flowers will fruit. Soon they will send out their own seed messages to the future, and we will begin the cycle where we started.

Join us this year as a CSA member and let's embark on this fantastic journey of a million seeds together.

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