Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Once upon a time...

Fresh Start Farms has a story. And not just your Maine-farmer-growing-good-food-on-fertile-soil story, or your reclaiming-grandfather's-old-land story. Both of these are important and wonderful but there's something that sets Fresh Start Farms' story apart. This tale traverses the Atlantic Ocean, crosses political and ethnic boundaries, and speaks of resiliency and justice far beyond the average seed saving farmer.

Spend some time learning about Fresh Start Farms' story:

The Resiliency Interviews: The Resiliency Project, a collaboration between Cultivating Community, The Telling Room, and No Umbrella Media, brought youth from our summer programs and refugee and immigrant farmers together for shared farmwork and storytelling around skills of resilience.

There Is My Home is a powerful documentary telling the story of two NASAP farmers as they use agriculture to create roots in Maine. Lanes Island Productions, 2011. Winner of the Audience Choice Award at its premiere at the Lewiston-Auburn Film Festival. This film will rebroadcast on PBS on Thursday Feb. 9th 10 PM and Saturday Feb. 11th, 11AM.

PBS also showcased the NASAP program from 2007 in Letter From Maine: New In Town as part of the Rain in a Dry Land broadcast. This written documentary describes the Somali transition into Lewiston, Maine.

NASAP photos and video interviews are included in this web-based magazine article about U.S. Immigrants reinventing the family farm: A Harvest of Hope by flypmedia (2008).

One of our original funders, Heifer International, posted an article about NASAP growers in New Roots in America.

The Portland Phoenix wrote a short story called "Enjoying the Fruits of a Sudanese Farm in Maine" about one of NASAP growers and his love for food - on the farm and in the kitchen.

Every face you see tells a unique story. Whether it belongs to your friend, your coworker, your waitor, a stranger... Today, take this opportunity to listen, watch, and engage in the faces behind your food, and open your eyes to lives you've never imagined.

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