Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Celebrating the Harvest

A big thanks to everyone to came out to the Harvest Festival this weekend! We were fortunate to have a mostly sunny afternoon with crisp Autumn air - the perfect climate for a feast on the farm and a tribute to everyone who has worked so hard this season.

It was a time for producers and consumers to gather together, to learn about one another and to celebrate the common love of good food.

It was a time for Fresh Start Farms growers and Cultivating Community staff to rejoice over a successful season growing cooperatively and sustainably.

It was a time to honor the commitment and compassion of our youth and introduce these strong food justice leaders to their community.

And a time to see the land where our food is grown... on a hayride!

It was a time to share stories, to laugh, to dance and sing...

and of course, it was a time to EAT!

As we wind down for the season, let's give thanks for every seed that's grown up healthy, and continue to nourish the sprouts that are still coming of age :)

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